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Brand Enthusiast

When becoming a Brand Enthusiast you will agree to the terms and conditions put forth. 

Contract Period

Brand Enthusiasts will be on contract for a period of 3 months unless otherwise stated. At the end of the term a possible extension can be considered. 

Brand Enthusiast Role

You must have a genuine enthusiasm and love of our products and brand shown in your images and comments on Instagram, and Facebook.

You will promote the brand on your own social media through photography with styled images and flay lays Instagram you will tag @ativoskincare - Facebook 

We have the right to use your photo's on our platforms without permission and credit on an as needed basis. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and our Website.

Brand Enthusiast Perks

  • You will shop at for a discount of 35% off for purchases up to to 59.99. You will be given three coupon codes to be used once a month for three months when approved.
  • After you have completed the first month of your term, a discount code will be provided to friends and family for 20% off purchases.

End of Contract/Termination

We have the right to withdraw you from the contract anytime, without question if contract terms are not kept. 

Apply to be a Brand Enthusiast

Our current search starts January 15 and ends Jan 31. If you would like to apply please find us on Instagram and follow the application process.  Full terms and conditions apply.



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