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The Beginning of it All

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I get asked all the time how did Ativo Skincare start. Well it started with this beauty. At just 11 years old and having many medical health issues she (my daughter Jayda) started to deal with a severe case of cystic acne. She would cry sometimes at the painful welts on her face. It was until one day she was introduced to a beauty blogger who gave her some advice about using natural and organic products. 


At 13 Jayda formulated some natural skincare for her face. Research and more research she created a soap for her skin. Within weeks her acne started to calm down. It wasn’t enough however, so she did end up on medication and we were told she would probably need it again. The results have been unbelievable. Using natural products has taken away the need for additional rounds of meds. Combined with a healthy diet her skin has never been better. 

Her company thrived until she decided that a university degree she’s in pursuit of is important so she’s taken a step back from the business as she has a heavy course load for the last two years of school, and I have taken the lead for now. 

At Ativo Skincare we believe that holistic whole organic ingredients is what’s needs for our bodies to be their best. We will continue on the path to create the best formulas using the best ingredients available to us.  Thank you for following us on our journey.

xo Tracy + Jayda

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